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CEO, Director of Operations
Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group is dedicated to assisting in supporting in efforts to help make your business a success; based on the divine principles of finance; and business integrity. No business is too small for us to consult with and advise, and we bring generational years of combined experience and business management skills to the table to assist you in creating a business that matters to the world, and one that brings benefit to the consumer as well as the community. We specialize by inspiration in creating businesses and events that matter, for those that matter the most by HE who created all things!

We are experts at taking your idea, dream, business concept or image presented, and fleshing out the project program to success. We work within your budget and business parameters from the start of your "I saw this idea in a dream" to your business ribbon cutting ceremony, and are there for you until you have outgrown your business goals, and need to soar higher.  

If you would like an appointment to discuss your business goals or desires along with business management/business development, event coordination services or assistance, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and instructions will be e-mailed to you for a consultation in office, via telephone or e-mail. We offer 4 business locations for our consultative process, and also maintain a virtual office site for your after hours convenience. 

We look forward to assisting you to success...the success that you deserve in business!

Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino , Director of Operations


Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group (offering premier business development, branding and business management services) was founded in 1978 under the name of "Consumer Financial Services" in Los Angeles, California by Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, and thereafter in 1979 as Coppertino and Associates, and re-established in 2012 in Los Angeles, California, under it's new name to include additional, established business professionals that are called on as colleagues and business associates to combine business strength, business knowledge and business expertise in order to assist a wide range of businesses developed to service the community. Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group was born to help you take care of business!

Dr. Coppertino also saw a need to launch the company in a different direction in 2012 when mom and pop operations, new business owners and those struggling to keep their doors open and businesses flourishing, consulted with her on how to bring ideas and business concepts and innovative business blueprints to market, along with suggestions on how to thrive in spite of business management problems that normally surface in the process of even effective operations. She realized that the chief component to any business success was to have good counsel in the form of an advisor/mentor to help steer one through the mazes of business formation projects. Additional outside Attorneys, Accountants and seasoned veterans in business are often utilized to confirm and verify practice measures to assure compliance and good faith business with our clients.

Dr. Coppertino re-entered the business arena to also help clarify the benefits of business ownership by entrepreneurs who sought her counsel, and to assist them in business practices that were beneficial to both customers and clients. Dr. Coppertino has over 40 years in the business industry, including acting as Business Manger for over 100 plus firms in her tenure, including Jackson Hewitt Financial Services West Coast General Manager where she opened over 40 offices for their parent company, Cendant Corporation, and trained over 300 agents to become professionals in the financial world under a 20 million dollar budget. Bringing jackson Hewitt from Virginia Beach, Va. was a great challenge that netted JH a stellar reputation in the tax filed which is now 2nd only to H and R Block! JH Business offices in Inglewood, Compton, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Hawthorne and other So California cities received expert counsel on JH business and tax matters through Dr Coppertino's expertise. 

She also acts as advisor, counselor and mentor to political, faith based, corporate and non profit business entities and she personally specializes in business failure back to business success services; reputation damage control; business turn-around restructurings, and non productive, non successful business entity service to assist businesses back to financial health, and a good standing in the business comunity. 

Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group is comprised of business professionals who have formed successful businesses; with over 200 years combined experience; and who desire to give back to the community. Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group will work with business counsel and our own Attorney associates to assist in your counseling efforts. Legal Shield experts and their programs are always sought for any businessman or woman who cannot afford a retained attorney, and who may simply need an attorney to write one or two letters per month or simply hear their cry for advice. Please call us to sign up with their program starting at $19.00 per month. 

Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Director of Operations, U.S Team

OPERATION DOCTORS FOR AFGHANISTAN team members consist of professionals such as Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Ph.D, Director of U.S. Operations, who has been a trailblazer in the community, corporate and business world for over four decades since the age of 16, and has assisted companies in advisory business naming, business formation services, business implementation process and business development branding for major corporations and business entities. Dr Coppertino has developed, structured and participated in corporate grand openings/events/galas of major business, healthcare, university, non profit and political organizations. She has also acted as advisor, director, colleague, friend and confidant to businessmen and women from the Pulpit to the White House!

Dr Coppertino has also acted as the West Coast General Manager for Cendant subsidiary, Jackson Hewitt financial Services (JH). In this capacity, Dr Coppertino opened over 40 tax and financial management offices for JH, trained over 300 employees to become tax agents and financial managers, and was also the first General Manager to offer placement in financial/tax related offices in local check cashing facilities throughout Los Angeles County. Dynamic and forceful, Dr Coppertino was able to command the dedication and energy in all necessary to fulfill her promise of growth and stability within the operations.

 Under the tenure of Dr Coppertino, a Human Resource Department for JH was opened in California which developed payroll systems for hundreds of California employees. A 20 million dollar California budget was utilized to bring JH into the financial arena from Virginia Beach, Virginia, which led to the designation of JH as second only to H and R Block in the state. 


Dr Coppertino also formerly acted as an Executive Coach and Consultant with Executive Service Corps, which is responsible for advising non profit entities, based in Los Angeles. She participated in closed door sessions to help Executive Directors remain informed and advised on upcoming financial changes in the non profit sector and how to maintain fiscal health in their corporate duties on a day to day basis. 


Dr Coppertino presently advises businesses around the world and is in the fundraising stages for a school named after her in Uganda. She is a mother of four; speaks 8 languages; is an accomplished Classical Sacred Music Soprano, lending her voice to hundreds each week through local churches as an avid lover of the human race. Her song repertoire includes spirituals such as: “Steal Away”…”Don’t Be Weary, Traveler”… “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen” and Latin favorites “Panis Angelicus”…”Ave Maria”...”O Cessate Di Piagarmo”. Her works as a community activist, lover of children, animal lover and defender of the people are known to all who know and love her!

Firms she has developed, assisted, advised or counseled, but not limited to are 1,000 Women In white, to be followed by 100 Men In Black Global March for Peace, Faith and Family…which as of December 2015 has 25 countries involved and 47 U.S. States across the nation which has earned Dr Coppertino recognition from the Mayor of Los Angeles and City Council members. Her services as Western Regional Coordinator for THE WOMEN FOR OBAMA, and the U.S. Regional Director for WIN WOMEN OF FAITH 9 U.S. regions, and various profit and non profit entities keeps her on her feet for community!

Dr. Coppertino has doctoral degrees in Science, Psychology and Comparative Religion and as a mathematician, she tutored students in geometry at the age of 14. She is also a Scuba Diver, Master Couturier Tailor and former Outreach Coordinator for the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine, IG AG. Dr. Coppertino has been invite to join research scholars Summer 2016 in Denmark, University of Copenhagen to study International Conflicts, Relations and Diplomacy Studies.

In closing, look for the 2016 opening of the first, one and only west coast TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL, (MERCY MISSION BEAR HOSPITAL AND ADOPTION AGENCY) coming into full operations to bring cheer and solace to children in hospice centers, children who are terminally ill and those awaiting treatments for life threatening diseases.